Green hydrogen from Chile: Eternal Power explores projects for export to Germany

As an export country for green hydrogen, hardly any region is more suitable than the north of Chile. Hamburg-based hydrogen producer Eternal Power is therefore touring the region with local partners to identify suitable areas for the development of large-scale plants.

Dr. Daniel Gerner complements the ETERNAL POWER team as Managing Director and CFO

With the beginning of June, Dr. Daniel Gerner joins ETERNAL POWER as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer. “I’m happy that we will be working on making our planet a bit more carbon neutral by producing green energy, green hydrogen, and its derivatives!”

ETERNAL operates in countries which are crucial import partners of green hydrogen for Germany

Germany is expected to import around 80% of its future green hydrogen demand, presenting opportunities for diversification and reduced dependence on specific partners. ETERNAL POWER operates amongst other in Brazil, the UAE, Turkey, Namibia and Vietnam, where the scale-up sees significant potential for low-cost green hydrogen production and where the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action is discussing or has already signed partnerships.

Chemistry industry and mobility sector expected to be the driving factors of the green hydrogen market

Hydrogen producer ETERNAL POWER recognizes the mobility sector, particularly heavy-duty transport, and the chemical industry as key drivers for the rapid development of the green hydrogen market. Despite being currently more expensive than fossil alternatives, industries that must adhere to CO2 quotas and are technically prepared to switch to green hydrogen present a positive business case.

Preparing site securing in Portugal – a prospective major country in European hydrogen supply

A team of ETERNAL POWER visited Portugal together with the local cooperation partner to evaluate potential project sites and was impressed by Portugal’s ambitions and pace with regards to decarbonizing their power system and becoming a net exporter of green hydrogen.

ETERNAL POWER considers green hydrogen price of 3€/kg within reach

Eternal Power aims to produce green hydrogen for 3 euros per kilogram by 2030, primarily in countries like Chile. The forecast considers five factors to be most relevant: renewable energy and electrolyser costs, technological advancements, competition, and political incentives.

Green hydrogen site assessment in Chile for up to 3 GW renewable energy

Together with its Chilean partners, ETERNAL POWER is developing green hydrogen projects exceeding 3 GW of installed capacity in northern Chile. As part of a trip to Chile, ETERNAL POWER and a team of their partners visited and assessed different potential project sites for hybrid wind and PV hydrogen projects in the Atacama Desert.

Participating at McKinsey GBB23 to build a more sustainable future

Dr. Moritz Schwencke and Robert Meitz from ETERNAL POWER joined this year’s McKinsey GBB which connects entrepreneurs, innovators and investors with the aim to build green businesses. The team presented ETERNAL POWERs approach to become a fully integrated supplier for green hydrogen and had great conversations with other companies interested and active in the sector.

Trend topic green hydrogen – ETERNAL appoints Scrivo Public Relations as press contact agency

Munich-based agency SCRIVO Public Relations has been chosen by ETERNAL POWER to handle its communications mandate. SCRIVO’s extensive experience in the energy sector and hydrogen technologies makes them an ideal choice for providing public relations and communications consulting for ETERNAL POWER.

Strengthening our German-Emirati partnership and registering Eternal Power Middle East LLC in MASDAR Free Zone

As member of the German-Emirati Hydrogen Task Force, ETERNAL POWER participated in the 7th Emirati-German Energy & Climate Day hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Moritz Schwencke und Robert Meitz also joined the discussions on the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi and met with partners to discuss concrete next steps for joined projects.