Hamburg-based manager Dieter Ammer joins Eternal Power

Hamburg-based hydrogen pioneer Eternal Power gains another prominent investor and senior advisor with manager and entrepreneur Dieter Ammer. The company is developing green hydrogen projects worldwide for import to Germany and the EU. Ammer supports the founding and managing director team with immediate effect in an advisory capacity in the development of a global project pipeline.  In addition, Dieter Ammer is participating in financing the company.

“With its business model and experienced, powerful team, Eternal Power is promisingly positioned in the growth market of green hydrogen. The approach of establishing and scaling hydrogen production as an integrated project developer is a strategic success factor. This allows Eternal Power to position itself early and broadly in a market environment that is just picking up speed,” says Ammer. The experienced manager, who himself is active today with two investment companies in the renewable energy and security sectors as well as in the real estate industry, will support Eternal Power in business development in the future. The focus of his support will be on projects in South Africa, Namibia and other global locations suitable for the production of green hydrogen. Ammer will act as a strategic advisor in the development of a European project pipeline and a partner and investor network.

Dieter Ammer looks back on a long career as a manager and entrepreneur – including positions as CEO or chairman of the management board of Nordzucker GmbH, Brauerei Beck & Co. and Tchibo Holding AG, as well as the solar company Conergy AG. Ammer entered the market for renewable energies at an early stage with the founding and participation in the green electricity provider Lichtblick AG.

“Dieter Ammer’s commitment strengthens us in our vision of a climate-friendly energy transition, in which green hydrogen is one of the most important pillars for the decarbonization of industry and the economy,” says Moritz Schwencke, co-founder and CEO of Eternal Power. With his company, Schwencke is developing hydrogen projects in Germany, in European countries such as Spain, and worldwide in areas that are particularly suitable to produce low-cost, green electricity.

Currently, the company is in the pre-development phase for a large-scale plant in the gigawatt range in Chile, among other countries. “The German market is ready for green hydrogen and green derivatives such as ammonia and methanol. Now we need to ramp up production as quickly as possible to supply industries such as the chemical industry and heavy-duty transport with green alternatives to fossil fuels. To do this, we rely on a strong and experienced partner and investor network, with whose support we aim to become the global supplier of green hydrogen,” adds Eternal Power CEO Robert Meitz.