ETERNAL POWER expects the chemistry industry and the mobility sector to be the driving factors of the green hydrogen market

Hydrogen producer ETERNAL POWER recognizes the mobility sector, particularly heavy-duty transport, and the chemical industry as key drivers for the rapid development of the green hydrogen market. Despite being currently more expensive than fossil alternatives, industries that must adhere to CO2 quotas and are technically prepared to switch to green hydrogen present a positive business case. The demand from filling station operators highlights the increasing interest in green hydrogen.

The mobility sector, especially heavy-duty road transport, is already subject to high CO2 taxes, making the use of green hydrogen for fuel cells financially viable. The greenhouse gas (GHG) quota provides opportunities for hydrogen filling station providers to sell saved CO2 via certificates, benefiting from premiums and establishing a competitive market. Other sectors, such as the chemical industry, can immediately switch to green hydrogen due to available technologies. Derivatives of green hydrogen, like ammonia and methanol, offer sustainable alternatives in the chemical industry without the need for complex reconversion.

Infrastructure investments, primarily in pipelines, will play a crucial role in the future price of green hydrogen. Existing infrastructure, including shipping routes for hydrogen derivatives, can be utilized to facilitate the transportation and distribution of green hydrogen. The expansion of hydrogen refueling stations is accelerating, with filling station operators recognizing the potential of the green hydrogen market and benefiting from the GHG quota.

Steel production, water and air transportation, and the energy sector are among the industries poised to follow the lead of early adopters. Government incentives support this transition, but companies must also proactively plan and consider the long-term horizons of large projects. Eternal Power foresees disproportionate demand growth and emphasizes the advantage of securing green energy at better prices now rather than in the future.

Robert Meitz, Managing Director of ETERNAL POWER, asserts, “At ETERNAL POWER, we expect demand to grow disproportionately. Those who act now can secure green energy at better prices now than in the years ahead.”