Mauro Guercia

Country Lead, Project Development

After a succesful entry into the industrial gases sector, Eternal Power gave Mauro a perfect opportunity to sharpen his skills and make a lasting impact in the energy sector.

Getting to know Mauro

“Eternal Power stood out to me as a firm that looks for problem solvers and decision makers, and that’s exactly how I want to operate and grow.”

My engineering background has played a pivotal role in my career. One of the most impactful projects I’ve been a part of was at Air Liquide, where I had the privilege of leading global engineering teams in the design and construction of Brazil’s largest oxygen plant. This endeavor was not only a testament to my technical expertise but also an adventure in itself.

The location of the oxygen plant added a unique dimension to the project. In a remote area near the Amazon forest in Maranhão, the site was teeming with wildlife. During my frequent trips to the construction site, I encountered fascinating creatures, including alligators and even anacondas. It was an unforgettable experience that added an element of excitement to the project.

One particular memory that stands out is the comprehensive pressure testing of the entire oxygen facility. At that time, I memorized every pipeline, its precise location, and the corresponding valves. However, what remains in my memory is the adrenaline rush of being surprised at 40 meters high on a scaffolding when an unexpected rain shower came in. It was a challenging yet funny moment that tested not only my technical skills but also my composure under pressure.

My current role at Eternal Power aligns perfectly with my interests and beliefs. It allows me to seamlessly blend my business knowledge acquired through my MBA and my extensive technical background. This combination of skills empowers me to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s objectives.

Looking ahead, my dream is to see a future where sustainability extends beyond just energy. I envision a world where various industries, much like the energy sector, become widely accessible, thereby reducing our dependence on fossil fuels to a minimum. This vision drives my commitment to making a lasting impact in my field and beyond.

Mauro’s functions

Project Management