Julius Eberhardt

Working Student & Management Assistant

Eternal Power gave Julius a solid foundation for success along with exciting work and positive impact opportunities within the renewable energy sector during his studies as an industrial engineer.

Getting to know Julius

“Eternal Power gives me the opportunity to gather valualble experience within the renewable energy sector and work together with a great team.”

Although Eternal Power is not the first company I have worked with during my studies, it certanly is the most exciting one. In no other company I was able to work on so many different tasks and within so many different fields. As someone who is new to the renewable energy sector, I was excited by all the opportunities within the green hydrogen industry.

Working as a management assistant, I can use the skills from my previous work as a freelance consultant in many different ways, such as the introduction of a structured process model within the company. This creative freedom in combination with exciting work within the hydrogen projects gives me the opportunity to work with a large portion of the Eternal Power team which I greatly enjoy.

My current position at Eternal Power gives me the opportunity to work in dynamic environment and to apply my skills learned in university and my previous consulting experience. The mixture of taks that I perform empowers me to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s objectives.

For the future, I can envission Eternal Power as a great starting point to my career afftrer my university. I want to be part of the change necessesary to achieve the 1.5 degree goal and I firmly believe in the role green hydrogen has within that pathway.

Julius’ functions

Management Assistant
Process Development