Hendrik Petersen

Head of Board Projects

At Eternal Power, Hendrik combines internal and external perspectives to drive our business forward.

Getting to know Hendrik

What drives me? 

Growing up on a farm in Germany, I learned early on the decisive role climate plays in crop yields and, consequently, the amount of food available for a growing world population. With increasing climate change, yields are deteriorating due to longer periods of drought and torrential rains. These effects are even more pronounced in many African countries than in Germany. Due to this partly first-hand experience, combating climate change has become a personal concern of mine, guiding my professional career.

My enthusiasm for renewable energies also stems from my agricultural background. We have been operating a biogas plant since the early 2000s and later added a PV system. In addition to generating electricity, we supply the farm and the neighbouring village with waste heat. This experience showed me early on that alternative concepts to fossil fuels are viable.

Why did I choose Eternal Power?

I discovered Eternal Power through the topic of renewable hydrogen. When I read my first book about green hydrogen, I was thrilled because it is an exciting concept both economically and ecologically. As there is no economically viable way around hydrogen to achieve net zero, the still-young hydrogen market must grow extremely quickly, offering fast-growing business opportunities.

Eternal Power is capitalizing on this opportunity by building a global mass producer of green hydrogen. It is highly motivating to be part of the realization of such a great mission and to make an important contribution to protecting the environment. Working towards this ambitious goal daily with a highly committed team, where everyone uses their skills and network, is very inspiring.

Coming from a commercial background, I enjoy working in a position where I can learn a lot about building a company from an internal perspective and understanding market dynamics from an external perspective. At Eternal Power, I get to experience this combination due to my very diverse remit in business development, offtake, subsidies, and regulations. This allows me to acquire a wide range of knowledge and develop a better understanding of the big picture.

Hendrik’s functions

Project Development
Business Development