Ana Paola Corredor Barrera

Project Developer

Eternal Power gave Paola the opportunity to strenghten her project development skills and support her ambition of realising socially just sustainability.

Getting to know Paola


I’m deeply enthusiastic about:

Green Hydrogen:  I am genuinely convinced about this technology’s massive potential in the decarbonization of the Industry and Energy sectors. My active involvement in developing H2-projects aims at harnessing the potential of green hydrogen not only as a clean energy carrier but also as an environmentally friendly building block for other molecules.

Sustainable Social Development: Sustainability isn’t just about technology; it’s about the positive impact on communities. I thrive on initiatives that bridge the gap between technological innovation and social well-being. It’s crucial that our advancements benefit all, especially marginalized communities.

Collaboration: I firmly believe collaboration is the key to success in our shared mission. By combining our expertise, experiences, and networks, we can amplify the positive change we’re striving for.


Coming from a technical background, my decision to join Eternal Power was fueled by the prospect of expanding my skill set. Here, I contribute not only to the technical facets of our service and technology providers but also engage in project development and business expansion through project origination. This dual involvement, spanning both the technical and financial aspects, provides me with a comprehensive perspective, which enables me a more informed, holistic decision-making.

What also captivated me was the chance to witness and underpin firsthand how to build a company from the ground up, including fundraising and investment acquisition. The fast-paced nature of this environment further ignited my interest. It’s worth noting that all these opportunities go hand in hand with assuming and enjoying significant responsibilities. Particularly as a woman in the tech world, I deeply value the trust bestowed upon me by my team from the beginning on.

Lastly, at Eternal Power we act and resonate globally. In my case, leading projects in Hispanic countries has opened the way to shape the future and the strategic development of my home region and beyond, while augmenting my talents, following my passion, and staying true to my values.

Paola’s functions

Technical Development
Project Development