Trend topic green hydrogen – ETERNAL appoints Scrivo Public Relations as press contact agency

Munich-based agency SCRIVO Public Relations has been chosen by ETERNAL POWER to handle its communications mandate. SCRIVO’s extensive experience in the energy sector and hydrogen technologies makes them an ideal choice for providing public relations and communications consulting for ETERNAL POWER. As the media focuses on green hydrogen due to the gas crisis and the growing pressure for climate neutrality, the partnership aims to leverage this attention and shape the green hydrogen revolution through strategic communication.

The ETERNAL POWER team will work closely with SCRIVO to address various communication challenges, including technological solutions, manufacturing capacities, pricing, and geopolitical contradictions. Robert Meitz, co-founder of ETERNAL POWER, emphasizes the importance of presenting a realistic picture of the path to climate neutrality and educating decision-makers about the potential of green hydrogen. “In the race for global production capacities, it is essential to be fast and agile. With the professional support of Scrivo Public Relations, we have a partner at our side who shares this self-image and can shape our communications accordingly.”, he adds.

With their involvement in shaping the communication strategy for ETERNAL POWER, SCRIVO aims to contribute to the success of the green hydrogen industry and promote a better understanding of its potential impact on the energy sector and climate goals. The collaboration reflects a shared vision to build a complex global value chain for green hydrogen and support the energy transition while reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

Scrivo Public Relations, an owner-managed PR agency founded in 2009 by Kai Oppel, has a proven track record working with leading companies in real estate, investment, and renewable energy sectors. Their customized communication solutions, combining traditional and innovative PR techniques, ensure effective public relations tailored to client needs. SCRIVO’s expertise, along with their focus on delivering relevant content and information, enables them to address target audiences and media requirements successfully.

The partnership between SCRIVO Public Relations and ETERNAL POWER is poised to shape the narrative surrounding green hydrogen, contribute to the global energy transition, and foster a greener and more sustainable future.